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AIRS User Interface now in tabbed View!

The new version of AIRS (V2.1) is now available on Google Play! The user interface has now been changed to a tabbed view, making the navigation simpler. With that, AIRS is now fully activity-driven. As a consequence, rotation is supported, i.e., you can use AIRS in portrait or landscape mode in all screens! Other changes [...]

AIRS now supports on-device visualisation!

AIRS has been updated recently. It now supports on-device visualisation of values. This has been implemented so that each sensor indicates the possibility to visualise and each sensor provides its own history, if supported. For this, the AIRS platform provides generic history support (with configurable length of the history) as well as visualisations (currently, AIRS [...]

9 months of Android Programming

About 9 months ago, I started my first endeavour into Android programming by porting the former Java MIDP platform NORS onto Android, now released as the AIRS platform. It was positively surprising how quickly I made progress. AIRS has progressed since with many sensors being added and stability having improved. While NORS suffered constant instability (on my latest [...]

AIRS Released as an Android Version of NORS

NORS has been an effort of mine for some years now, establishing a mobile-centric sensing platform that allows for gathering a large variety of phone and sensor information through the mobile phone. However, MIDP as a Java platform is less and less common in modern smartphones – Android as well as iOS did not adopt [...]

Getting more and more mobile

It all started with changing my mobile phone some time in July. I changed from Nokia to Android, as reported earlier on this blog. It was a leap forward in going mobile, although I had been quite mobile already. Some two weeks ago, I went further by getting a Android tab. It’s the Samsung Galaxy [...]

2010 – Mobile Data Adoption Being Done Harmful

It’s 2010. I remember all the cute scenarios – the mock-up demos – about the evolution of 3G. Spectrum being locked away, given exclusively to operators for the evolution of mobile data towards a better world. People walking around with video telephony to their loved ones. Augmented reality for better understanding the real world and [...]

Mobile phone nostalgia

I just switched on my old Nokia N86. It was one of Nokia’s flagships just about a year ago. 8MP camera, AMOLED screen – it was one of the many N95 successors. Switching the phone on is, however, like switching on your old DOS computer in times of Vista. Clunky & outdated springs to your [...]

My new phone – not a Nokia anymore!

I finally had to get rid of my latest Nokia phone. It’s enough, really. The most consistent feature was the phone’s unreliability. It was buggy, slow – simply an awful experience. And it was Nokia’s ‘flagship’, the N97. I cannot imagine how a standard user must feel after having paid hundreds of pounds (or an [...]

Ipod usage

I have got my iPod touch now for some weeks and it has replaced my phone in many ways. Email and calendar almost entirely moved to the iPod and the phone became a truly mobile, I.e., cellular device again. When quickly checking emails at home, it’s done with the iPod. The mail client on my [...]

The End of an Era

This morning, I received my latest gadget: a 3rd generation IPod Touch! The decision to get an iPod (with major support from my wife who has been using iPods for years) has been motivated by the realization that I have had over these past months: Nokia has reached the end as a software company! I [...]