AIRS Online Manual


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The Android Remote Sensing (AIRS) platform is hosted at Github while you can find the online manual here. AIRS is available on the Android market, simply search for ‘AIRS trossen’ or click here.

AIRS allows for recording a wide variety of phone information as well as BT-attached sensors. When running in local mode, it records into a local text file. In remote mode, it connects to an application server (which you need to install and run yourself). The emphasis in AIRS is on enabling activity monitoring of some kind, giving the developer of a scenario a wide variety of possibilities of sensor, activity and other information that can be obtained with AIRS. This not includes physical sensors like orientation or light but also phone information (like call records or SMS) as well as user-defined moods through Android widgets. Deciding upon the specific information one is interested will give one the ability to create a manifold of application scenarios for AIRS!

Since Version 1.8.6, the Github distribution of AIRS includes a JAR file that parses locally recorded files after being uploaded on your desktop and inserts the values in a MySQL database (the file has been contributed to the project by Dana Pavel, who has been using the AIRS platform for her PhD work on visualising a plethora of user information). Such insertion of values into a MySQL DB could allow for, e.g., utilising PHP-based visualisation of values in your local browser. Please read the appropriate README file for more information on how to use the JAR file.

AIRS is a continuation of the MIDP version called NORS (Nokia Remote Sensing platform), which is not continued anymore.