Main Screen

After starting AIRS from your Android launcher, you are presented with the main screen of the AIRS activity.

AIRS uses a tabbed view. The tabs at the top row give you the following options:

Pressing the Android Menu key brings up the following screen:

The options menu allows for:

  • showing the license and copyright information with the About selection
  • generating a shortcut on the launcher homescreen for quick launch of a local recording session
  • synchronising local AIRS recordings
  • opening the database administration dialog. After selection, a dialog will open with three buttons:
    • Backup: saving your current local recording database to the AIRS data partition (usually under /sdcard/Android/data/com.airs/files
    • Restore: restores any previous backup file, replacing the current database (cannot be undone!)
    • Index: creates an index over the timestamp entry in the local recording database. This speeds up any visualisations tremendously but will increase the size of the database by about 60%. The index needs only be created once and cannot be removed after created!