About me


I have always (well, at least since 1999) believed that context-awareness is THE thing that will give “smartness” to systems but that they should not take over from us (with some exceptions). Instead, they should support, stimulate, and enhance humans. That’s why, in my research, I look into how systems can make use of context information to provide us with support for remembering what where the main events that happened during the day and better understanding how they affected us. I am also interested in how to visualise such information, especially when it covers multiple aspects of our context (e.g., physiological, emotional, physical, social, etc.) as well as in how to apply such systems to various applications areas, such as lifestyle management for preventive healthcare, behavioural changes, etc.

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My main hobbies are painting and photography. I like various types of music as they address my various moods. I love to go to concerts (rock, pop, jazz, world or classical) and I absolutely love good operas and ballets. I really enjoy reading and I am always happy when I find a new and captivating book.

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Born: Bucharest, Romania.

Current home: Colchester, UK.

Contact: dana (sign) dalore.me.uk