Here are two photos from Apassionata:

Most of the other ones do not look very clear since I only got the Elph with us. I should have probably taken the big camera and some zoom lenses with us since nobody cared about the “no photography” signs. BTW, I haven’t seen in any other show so many people taking photos with flash during the performance 🙁 Not sure if that’s because this was a horse show and different rules applied… I also do not know if anybody said anything at the beginning about no flash since it was in Finnish (surprise, surprise…).
But it was a bit annoying.

Yesterday, our blog got public! Which means it is not a hidden link anymore but it´s “featured” on our main webpage. Not sure if anybody is really gonna read it but it’s there now, one more blog in the Internet!

A few days ago I was trying to figure out why people blog, why we blog and why we don’t blog too much…
At least I know I don’t feel too much like blogging because it’s not very natural to me that I type down my thoughts. If I have something in my mind, I usually prefer to talk. Luckily, I have Dirk to talk to 🙂 So, not much left for writing down.
But why do people blog? Is it vanity? Is it a need to connect? Is it loneliness? Do people care if anybody reads or not their blog?

At least, we started to blog because we thought we might like to share with our friends our experience of moving from US to Finland. However, even thought we started the blog at some point after moving we never really shared our blog with them (though we did intend to do that all this time!). It seems that we preferred to talk to them directly about our experience then to send them to our blog.

But why did we make the blog public now? Not so sure. Sometimes it seems funny to dump some thoughts and think that somebody might stop by and waste some time reading them…Vanity? Not that sure. Anyway, I will try these days to think some more about why people ( and we) blog. For now, all I can tell is that we’d like to use our blog just for dumping some thoughts on Finland, world and us. Nothing too smart, nothing too serious 🙂

“If you own a cat and you have a leg, you’ve got a happy cat.”

“He´ll rub against your legs even if you’re not there yet. You might be twenty feet down the hall. As soon as he sees you coming he starts walking sideways. He doesn’t want to miss a shot at your legs.”

“Cats have another quality I find admirable:blamelessness. When a cat makes a mistake, he doesn’t accept responsability or show embasarassment. If he does something really stupid, like jumping onto a table and landing in four separate coffee cups, somehow he passes the whole thing off as routine.”

“A cat can make any mistake appear intentional. Have you ever seen a cat race across the room and crash into a glass door? It doesn’t faze him at all. WHIZZ! SPLAT!! “I meant that! I actually meant that. That’s exactly what I was trying to do.”

Today we went to see “Matchpoint” ( by Woody Allen. I have to admit I spent most of the movie wondering what he was after and waiting for Woody Allen-style dialogue to start…
Plus, I kept wondering why Woody Allen chose such an overused scenario of poor-guy- marrying- a- rich- woman- having- an-affair- being- afraid- of- losing-everything-and-killing-his-mistress.
In the end, I found it interesting since it felt to me like the whole movie was made as a tennis game: the guy kept winning and winning and winning. In the end, however, even though he seemed to have won, it was not sure that victory tasted sweet 🙂 One thing I liked a lot: the scene where the ring of the killed lady did not fall into the water. Though, from the analogy with the beginning, you would think that that would mean something bad for the guy, it actually saved him.
So, you could summarize the movie as : “Life is all a matter of luck, losing can seem like winning and the other way around”.
It was very weird not to have WA in the movie. Maybe this is the start of a new type of movies in his career since he probably got too old 🙂
I am not sure how I will remember this movie in a few months. I definitely liked Scarlett Johansson a lot: she is extremely talented and very natural.

This week the real winter came upon us. So far, we mostly had around zero Celsius. Now, we got to -21 Celsius. It became very hard for me to wear the glasses because the steam does not go away easily anymore: it just freezes on the glasses. Also, when I was walking back from work a few nights ago, I got a muscle cramp from the cold windy weather. I also got the opportunity (if I can call it like that) to wear my new long goose feather Finnish coat. I thought I would feel like in a sleeping bag (I actually look like that) but if I stay a few minutes in one place, I can feel the cold trying to get through the coat!
Well, I have to say that during that very cold and windy first day I started to consider where to move next 🙂 Since I guess we got as far North as possible (no way I would move to Oulu), it can only get warmer.
Since the winter just started, I think I need some patience now. And warm clothes!

Last weekend we went to Amsterdam. This was another one of ours experiments of how good it is to live in Europe 🙂 . We actually missed Amsterdam (we haven’t been there for almost 2 years). I am never sure why I feel so good in Amsterdam: the weather is mostly all the time bad when we are there but I just can’t get enough of those cute little houses and the canals! This time the weather situation was the same: the night after we got there a big storm with hail, wind, thunders, and a lot of rain kept waking us up the whole night.
Next day: mostly rainy so we spent almost the whole day in museums. Luckily, the rain stopped in the evening and we could go to Cecilia Bartoli’s concert at Concertgebouw .
What can I say: I had again one of those rare moments when I want the time to stop or get into an infinite loop ! The concert was excelent from all points of view: acoustics, orchestra, music (Baroque, a lot of Handel) and, above all, Cecilia Bartoli’s voice, technique, and joy of singing. Unbelievable experience! Have to see her again!
Next day, the weather was a bit nicer so we walked in the city and tried to get into Anne Franck’s house but it was too cold to wait in line for the tickets. So, we hit a cafe and then some stores, with quite some success 🙂
Here are some canal photos: .
Amsterdam was getting ready for Christmas, so lots of lights and people in the streets:
The flight back was so short I did not even notice when we got here: the beauty of living in Europe 🙂 !

Next stop: Bucharest, for Holidays!

Some of the “warnings” we got about living in Helsinki are now verified: the weather in Helsinki in November is miserable! It’s mostly raining! And, also, we experienced that Helsinki can be quite windy. Yesterday the wind so bad that you could not even breath normally anymore. Luckily, today got better and I even saw the Sun during the day !
Needless to say, I am looking forward to snow ! I just want some nice, calm snow with big flakes…
We had some snow so far, but it’s been too warm to matter. I already got a warm, long winter coat, so let it snow!