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Sheffield Park 2015

Yesterday we went down South for our (almost) annual trip to Sheffield Park and Garden. It was crazy! Lots and lots of people came there. The weather was not great, though it did get better by the time we left. However, it was not very windy, which was appreciated. The foliage status was quite varied, as some of the trees already lost almost all leaves and others were just starting to turn their colour. We had a great time, as usual 🙂

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Scotney Castle

During our weekend in South Downs, we also had a stop over at Scotney Castle, a National Trust property. It’s a very beautiful property but the main attraction is actually the ruined moated castle, not the actual house that gets visited! Lovely place! Definitely need to get back for some more photos 🙂 Read more →

Eastbourne Airshow

During our weekend in South Downs, we figured out that the famous Eastbourne Airshow was going on. Unfortunately, we did not manage to see most of the interesting stuff properly (like the Vulcan or the Red Arrows) but we did manage to get a feel of that airshow and some nice photos 🙂 Read more →

Beachy Head Area

In August we spent a weekend in the South Downs. I’ve heard about the beauty of the area but I did not imagine how impressive it would be! Really amazing! We spent the days just going up and down the coastal path around Beachy Head/Stirling Gap. Read more →