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Sheffield Park 2015

Yesterday we went down South for our (almost) annual trip to Sheffield Park and Garden. It was crazy! Lots and lots of people came there. The weather was not great, though it did get better by the time we left. However, it was not very windy, which was appreciated. The foliage status was quite varied, as some of the trees already lost almost all leaves and others were just starting to turn their colour. We had a great time, as usual 🙂

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Exmoor 2008

2008 was the year when we first got to Exmoor and we fell in love with it! The first time we saw it was in March, when we had a very quick drive through Porlock, Lynton-Lynmouth and Selworthy. In summer we went again for a very short visit and saw Ilfracombe and the area around, Porlock Weir, and Dunster. Read more →

Exmoor 2011

We visited Exmoor again in October 2011. This time we  decided to drive further away to see Clovelly,  a beautiful village on a steep hill. The photos here are from Selworthy, Clovelly, Porlock area and Lynton/Lynmouth. Read more →


This weekend we visited, for the first time, Tintagel. I’ve read about the place and I saw pictures but nothing can compare with being there! There is no way of conveying the space view around you when you make it to the top of the island! The steps to and from the castle ruins are quite ‘demanding’, because they are… Read more →

Clovelly 2014

This weekend we visited Clovelly for a second time and we found it as lovely and impressive as the first time!  It’s true, we were again lucky and had an amazing weather 🙂 Here are the photos we took this time: Read more →