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Sheffield Park 2015

Yesterday we went down South for our (almost) annual trip to Sheffield Park and Garden. It was crazy! Lots and lots of people came there. The weather was not great, though it did get better by the time we left. However, it was not very windy, which was appreciated. The foliage status was quite varied, as some of the trees already lost almost all leaves and others were just starting to turn their colour. We had a great time, as usual 🙂

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Open House London 2015

Another year doing Open House! This time we went to see the Marlborough House (currently housing the Commonwealth Secretariat), the Fitzrovia Chapel, the Trinity Hospital in Greenwich, and the Custom House. We wanted to see 6 Bevis Marks but they had a stupid system where every one hour only 28 people were taken in 🙁 Here are some of the… Read more →

The Shard, London

Recently we tried to see how the view is from one of the main modern icons of London, The Shard. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed, mainly because the design of the windows makes it very difficult to take proper photos. Read more →

In the Sky Garden, London

The Sky Garden was recently opened in the new ‘walkie talkie’ building in London. While I am not crazy for the design of the building from the outside and how it fits in the surrounding cityscape, the Sky Garden is a definite success! Amazing space. Read more →

The Severn Bore

Witnessing the Severn Bore has been on my list for a while and this summer we tried to see it for the first time. Our first attempt was in the evening of 12th of August. It was supposed to be a 4* bore but we did not see much as it got very dark by the time it came (around… Read more →

A weekend in Exmoor (2014)

We’ve just come back from a long weekend in Exmoor, one of our favourite places. This time I also spent a few hours exploring Bristol. It looks totally different from what I thought, very hilly and quite mixed in terms of architecture. I did like it but I was not very much taken with it. As usual, we stayed in… Read more →


Recently we gave Harwich another try…It is actually much better than we first thought, though quite small. We did take some nice photos of the various boats that were anchored there during a street fest. Read more →