Gallery: Favourites

A selection of my favourite paintings.
Flame (oils, 1998)Flame (oils, 1998)
Flame (oils, 1998)04-Feb-2006 22:40
Fever  (oils, 2000)Fever (oils, 2000)
Fever (oils, 2000)04-Feb-2006 22:41
Life: Dance (oils, 1999)Life: Dance (oils, 1999)
Life: Dance (oils, 1999)04-Feb-2006 22:58
Life: Mask (oil pastels, 1998)Life: Mask (oil pastels, 1998)
Life: Mask (oil pastels, 1998)04-Feb-2006 23:00
Life: Tears (oil pastels, 1998)Life: Tears (oil pastels, 1998)
Life: Tears (oil pastels, 1998)04-Feb-2006 23:02
Life: Joy (oils, 2000)Life: Joy (oils, 2000)
Life: Joy (oils, 2000)04-Feb-2006 23:03
Ribbons (oils, 1999)Ribbons (oils, 1999)
Ribbons (oils, 1999)04-Feb-2006 23:07
Life: Peace (oil pastels, 1998)Life: Peace (oil pastels, 1998)
Life: Peace (oil pastels, 1998)04-Feb-2006 23:19
Roads (oil pastels, 2000)Roads (oil pastels, 2000)
Roads (oil pastels, 2000)04-Feb-2006 23:25
Boats on a foggy day (oils, 1997)Boats on a foggy day (oils, 1997)
Boats on a foggy day (oils, 1997)04-Feb-2006 23:31
Fading shapes (oil pastels, 1997)Fading shapes (oil pastels, 1997)
Fading shapes (oil pastels, 1997)19-Feb-2006 12:46
The flying fish (oils, 1998)The flying fish (oils, 1998)
The flying fish (oils, 1998)26-Feb-2006 11:42
Life: Freedom (oils, 1998)Life: Freedom (oils, 1998)
Life: Freedom (oils, 1998)26-Feb-2006 11:55
Life: Both sides (oils, 2000)Life: Both sides (oils, 2000)
Life: Both sides (oils, 2000)26-Feb-2006 12:18
Life: Dreams come through! (oils, 2001)Life: Dreams come through! (oils, 2001)
Life: Dreams come through! (oils, 2001)26-Feb-2006 12:23
Life: Bond (oils, 2000)Life: Bond (oils, 2000)
Life: Bond (oils, 2000)26-Feb-2006 12:26
Garden: Paradise (oils, 2001)Garden: Paradise (oils, 2001)
Garden: Paradise (oils, 2001)26-Feb-2006 12:31
Hummingbird (oils, 2003)Hummingbird (oils, 2003)
Hummingbird (oils, 2003)26-Feb-2006 12:39
Garden: Lily (oil pastels, 2003)Garden: Lily (oil pastels, 2003)
Garden: Lily (oil pastels, 2003)26-Feb-2006 12:42
Joy bird (oils, 2003)Joy bird (oils, 2003)
Joy bird (oils, 2003)26-Feb-2006 13:10