Wildlife in Greenwich Park

This weekend we went to ‘record’ the arrival of autumn in Greenwich Park. Yesterday was a beautiful day and we not only captured lots of autumn colours but also some of the inhabitants of the Park: parakeets, pigeons, squirrels, ducks and deer. Here are some of the highlights:

Tall Ships Festival 2014

Over the past 4 days Greenwich hosted the Tall Ships Festival. While I wasn’t sure initially what to expect I totally loved it! I spent every day going down at the Thames to watch and photograph the ships. On Sunday evening, when the weather turned amazing and we went to the Isle of Dogs side,Read More

About the Painted Hall

When I first visited Greenwich in 2008 I was very disappointed to find the Painted Hall closed for an event. So, the first opportunity I had after we moved here I went to see it. It is indeed a very impressive building that brings together some very important artists in British history: Christopher Wren, NicholasRead More