Short history of Greenwich Park

A very summarised history of Greenwich Park can be found on the Royal Borough of Greenwich website:

  • 1433 Park enclosed by Humphrey Duke of Gloucester.
  • 1447 Park became property of the Crown on Humphrey’s death.
  • 1510 Park stocked with deer for Henry VIII.
  • 1661-1665 Park landscaped for Charles II.
  • c.1730-1857 notorious Greenwich Fair held in the park.

More of its historical importance:

  • Henry VIII was born here, in a palace that used to be where the Old Royal Naval College stands today. More on the history and importance of the palace can be found here.

    Palace of Placentia - 17th c
    Palace of Placentia – 17th century drawing
  • Henry VIII’s daughters, Mary I and Elizabeth I were also born here.
  • Edward VI, Henry VIII’s son, died here.


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