The main architectural components are:

  • Data Collection Platform: various software modules used for gathering data from multiple distributed sources
  • Data Gathering Manager: collects data from local storages
  • Data Transformation Manager: performs various operations on input data in order to store it into the system database
  • Database Model: contains information about the database structure and governs the storage operations
  • Information Processing Manager: used for further processing the information (e.g., through filtering, interpreting, aggregating and correlating)
  • Information Model: models the initial data, the newly created information and the rules for information transformation
  • Story Creation Manager: responsible for processing and arranging the information along a pre-defined story format
  • Story Model: describes the structure and components story-based presentation model
  • User Interface Manager: responsible for creating various information visualisations
  • User Interaction Manager: provides support for interactions needed for controlling, accessing or sharing information