The data available through MyRoR recording and processing can be accessed by the end user through a familiar blog-type interface that provides access to the data either through detailed visualisations (e.g., timeline graphs, tables, maps) or abstract ones (word clouds and stories).

Blog_March2012The WordPress-based environment offers multiple advantages, such as:

  • Day-based access to information through calendar view;
  • Familiar interface of a personal blog, which also allows users to add own data as posts, images, voice annotations, etc.;
  • Easy personalisation through themes and plugins;
  • Easy sharing with social networks through various plugins;
  • Easy to access and modify from any device, including mobile devices.

The interface also allows day-based access to external IMAP servers and Google Calendar, which  allows end users to remembers what happened during a certain day by examining emails sent and received as well as calendar events and additional information (i.e., meeting subject, participants and location).