Insights into Android Wear

When the first smart watches started appearing on the market about two years ago (yes, they did exist before Apple’s entry into that market), I wasn’t sure I’d ever use this new form of mobile experience. Since mid August, however, I’ve been an owner of a Moto360. It’s not the newest watch but the decision… Read More »

Enjoying your Vacation? Wish you recorded it all in detail?

Are you reading this blog somewhere away from home? Going away soon or is your vacation already over? Wouldn’t it be great if you could recollect this splendid time through rich multimedia experiences, re-walk that track during your explorations in that small village you loved so much?  I have been using AIRS and Storica as… Read More »

Lifelogging with our AIRS and Storica apps

For the last year, I’ve been using our mobile apps AIRS and Storica for lifelogging, i.e., recording a large variety of mobile-centric data for experience and lifestyle purposes. With the increasing power and storage in modern smartphones, the times seem right for creating your own personal history! AIRS is the recording part, securely storing the defined data in an internal SQlite… Read More »

Updating Storica with more features

Storica has been updated frequently since its initial release earlier this year. We have expanded on the available views, the graphics, added monthly views as well as support for multi-device viewing. We develop the application under the banner of TecVis LP, our consulting company that is dedicated to the area of information-centric architectures with applications… Read More »

Take a look at “Storica: Experience your life”

I’m proud to announce Storica, available in the Google Play Store. Storica is a companion to AIRS. While AIRS allows for recording various aspects of your life, Storica lets you experience it. Storica supports maps with flyover effects and a context-enriched gallery. But most interestingly, Storica support the engaging stories that Dana Pavel developed in… Read More »

Scientific American picking up on our PURSUIT work

In its online version from the 13th of December, the Scientific American featured an article on “Content is King“. Starting from the American efforts at PARC’s CCN efforts, the article also featured the PURSUIT efforts on information-centric networking, specifically the Blackadder platform developed at Cambridge University by our team there. Interesting read, have a look!

AIRS featured in Cambridge University news

AIRS and the wider work on Dana’s MyRor system to visualise the recorded information through a story-based interface are featured in the Cambridge University news. Check it out to understand the potential usage of AIRS through engaging interfaces within lifestyle management scenarios – or simply just for looking back on your life for self-reflection.

AIRS now provides heart rate measurements

Since v2.2.9, AIRS provides heart rate measurements using the built-in camera and flash of a compatible phone. How does this work? First, you will have to place the AIRS heart rate widget on your launcher screen. Then, you will need to subscribe to the IH sensor in local recording. When pressing the widget on your… Read More »

Presentation on AIRS at Mobilware 2012 Conference

A paper on the design and implementation of AIRS has been published in the proceedings of the Mobilware conference. The presentation that I gave at this conference can be found here. The presentation gives you some insight into the design of AIRS, including the background on some extensions such as the widgets for annotation. More… Read More »