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Scientific American picking up on our PURSUIT work

In its online version from the 13th of December, the Scientific American featured an article on “Content is King“. Starting from the American efforts at PARC’s CCN efforts, the article also featured the PURSUIT efforts on information-centric networking, specifically the Blackadder platform developed at Cambridge University by our team there. Interesting read, have a look!

EIFFEL meeting upcoming

Next week is our 4th EIFFEL meeting, this time near Brussels. We managed to commit another 20+ researchers to debate crucial issues of the Future Internet. Apart from returning to the outcomes of the Athens meeting, privacy and virtualization will be the prominent topics on the agenda. We changed the mode of the sessions to… Read More »

Course on Socio-Economics at Helsinki University

I have just come back (on Wednesday night) from Helsinki. I was invited to present our work on socio-economics, more specifically on developing a so-called toolkit for evaluating value chain dynamics. This work originated from my involvement with the Communications Futures Program at MIT. From 2004 to 2006, I co-chaired the Value Chain Dynamics working… Read More »

EIFFEL whitepaper available

The EIFFEL think tank has published its whitepaper entitled Starting the Discussion. The paper is a summary of largely the first EIFFEL think tank meeting in Frankfurt in October 2008. It was originally written in preparation to the second EIFFEL think tank meeting in London in February 2009, then refined with comments from think tank… Read More »

MIT’s Communications Futures Program – Impressions

I’m sitting in the plenary session of the Communications Futures Program of MIT (actually taking place in Venice, hosted by Telecom Italia). It’s always a pleasure to be at this meeting. CFP started to invite a growing number of external speakers so that it’s always a good mix of internal and external opinions. One observation… Read More »

PSIRP revised architecture available now!

It was a busy February (and March for that matter) during which the PSIRP project finished its second major architecture deliverable! It outlines the main information concepts as well as the main components of the architecture, diving deeper into major parts such as rendezvous and forwarding. It is definitely a major step forward from the… Read More »

Coming back from EIFFEL think tank day 1

I am on my way back from the first day of the second EIFFEL think tank = meeting in London. I am tired, given that some 13 hours of Future Internet = debate are behind me. But it was worth the effort, at least so far. Let’s = hope that the second day will continue… Read More »

EIFFEL Think Tank Meeting Day2

…no this is not from the 2nd day of the EIFFEL think tank meeting. But I did realize that I did not follow up with a 2nd day report after I had written my first day report right from the meeting facilities. The second day continued where it had stopped the first day, namely with… Read More »

EIFFEL Think Tank Meeting Day1

The first day of our EIFFEL think tank meeting is over. It’s been a good meeting so far with rather positive reactions from attendants. And I am positively surprised by the meeting myself. Our ‘teaser’ presentations turned out to take most of our time, combining the presentations with discussions, which is a good thing as… Read More »