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2010 – Mobile Data Adoption Being Done Harmful

It’s 2010. I remember all the cute scenarios – the mock-up demos – about the evolution of 3G. Spectrum being locked away, given exclusively to operators for the evolution of mobile data towards a better world. People walking around with video telephony to their loved ones. Augmented reality for better understanding the real world and… Read More »

Mobile phone nostalgia

I just switched on my old Nokia N86. It was one of Nokia’s flagships just about a year ago. 8MP camera, AMOLED screen – it was one of the many N95 successors. Switching the phone on is, however, like switching on your old DOS computer in times of Vista. Clunky & outdated springs to your… Read More »

Six months after my change

So, it’s been about six months after I made my (probably biggest professional) change. In December 2009, I left BT to join Cambridge University as a senior researcher. Making a move from the corporate to the academic world seemed like a big step to me. When it comes to the details, not much seemed to… Read More »

The End of an Era

This morning, I received my latest gadget: a 3rd generation IPod Touch! The decision to get an iPod (with major support from my wife who has been using iPods for years) has been motivated by the realization that I have had over these past months: Nokia has reached the end as a software company! I… Read More »

Change ahead

Last week, I had my exit interview with BT. Change is afoot! It has been an eventful last few months. Lots of reorganization has been happening. And the direction of where the research is going within BT is not well aligned anymore with what I understand as research. That is what triggered the change. Luckily,… Read More »