Publications and presentations


Conferences and journals:

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Articles in Nokia Research internal magazine:

  • D. Pavel, D. Trossen, Z. Antoniou, “It’s a small world when connecting through adhoc communities”, NRC Advance Magazine,  2005.
  • D. Pavel, J. Hemanus, “What’s mood got to do with this?”, NRC Advance Magazine, 2003.
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  • O. Lassila, D. Pavel-Hulubei, “Ubiquitous computing: invisible, anytime, anywhere”, NRC Advance Magazine, 2001.


  •  “Collect yourself before you forget yourself“, article by Tom Geller mentioning my work in data processing and visualisation; appeared in Communications of the ACM on July 18, 2013.
  • “Dear Digital Diary…”, article mentioning my work on data processing and visualisation; appeared in Cambridge Network News on 13 August 2013.
  •  Can ‘Spiritual Computing’ Drive Web 3.0? article by Michael Hickins mentioning my work in affective and spiritual computing; appeared in on July 28, 2006.

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